Libré Communications


Customer Support

Where can I find Libré Sales and Support?
In North America Libré operates a headquarters office in Vancouver, British Columbia and a sales office in Los Angeles, California. Both can be accessed by calling 604-710-3787. European customers can access our full service Hull, U.K. office toll free by calling 07900 918636.

What is the Libré 4/24 customer service guarantee?
Libré provides each client with its 4/24 guarantee. Libré will call you back within four hours of a reported problem and, if new equipment appears to be required, Libré will have a new encoder at your address within 24 hours.

Can I customize my player to meet my company or organization’s design standards? What about customized administrator or viewer functionality?
Yes. Libré viewer and admin interfaces on all but basic or Silver service plans can be customized by users or by Libre for customers. Specific functionality such as voting (testing) mechanisms, Instant Messaging and queuing questions and notification widgets can also be provided very cost effectively.

Does Libré offer production services?
Libré maintains a network of proven partners in Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York and London, the world’s leading television production centers.


Do I need an experienced IT person to operate the Libré encoder?
Libré has designed the encoder as well as the event scheduling and invitation process to be as simple and intuitive as possible. No expertise whatsoever is required. It is simple, intuitive and self-explanatory.

Can I offer my broadcast as a Pay-Per-View event?
Libré is specifically designed to easily and seamlessly integrate with PayPal Pro. Simply set up and account and copy and paste the email addresses from your ticket buyers found in the PayPal “History” tab into our invitations field and click send. Simple as that.

Can I offer my live stream to an “open” group as opposed to a predetermined list of invitees?
Yes. Libré can provide a link and a “master” PIN number granting access to your stream to anyone you provide this information to.

How do I control the storage of my content?
Each broadcast has an “Expiration” setting allowing you to choose not to store, expire in minutes, days, months or “Expire: Never”. This function is intuitive, easy to use and designed to work exactly like your DVR at home.

Service Plans

What happens if we have to terminate the contract prior to the end of our term?
Libré has an early termination clause just like cell phone companies. The early termination clause allows a client to terminate after one year with a onetime payment of $6000 and after two years with a payment of $3000.

Can I switch between service plans?
At any time you may upgrade to a different service plan within your three year contract.

Am I penalized for overage minutes like cellular service?
No actually Libré makes sure you are billed substantially less for overage minutes than plan minutes.


Will Libré be blocked by our corporate firewall?
Our solution operates via the same ports as Google. If you can get Google, you can get Libré.

Does the viewer’s browser require any plug-in?
No, the Libré live stream is delivered within a separate, private network, independent of any browser.

What requirements must my camera meet to operate within the Libré solution?
The camera or alternate video source must produce 720p resolution picture and have an HDMI output cable. The HDMI control must be on the input device, such as a camcorder, and signal must not be HDCP protected. The Libre Communications appliance also supports analog input in the form of composite, s-video and component video.

What system requirements are required for full screen, high def viewing?
Libre’s full screen, high Def live streaming requires a 1Mb connection an Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor.