Libré Communications


Medical Instruction Moves Faster and Broader

Innovations and new techniques in the medical field continue to advance at a staggering rate. With the fast pace of advancement comes the need to continually educate medical students as well as upgrade the skills of practicing physicians.



encloudHD has proven itself the only solution for the job!


Using encloudHD to demonstrate new medical advancements and procedures has elicited comments that tell our story:

“We were thrilled that Libre’s encloudHD technology provided us with an affordable and reliable solution.”
“encloudHD enabled us to watch doctors perform new medical procedures on large screens with the high resolution detail required to demonstrate how these new techniques were being accomplished.”
“After years of trial and error  – finally, a solution that works!”
“We spent considerable time and effort searching for a broadcast system that would flawlessly transmit high-quality HD live video… We tested many systems. All failed. Libre’s system worked perfectly.”