Libré Communications


Dr. John Biroc – Principal, Champs Charter High School

“Libre’s cutting edge solution empowers organizations to easily broadcast live high definition video, and can revolutionize how communications and event broadcasting occurs. The end result is real time high definition video for the end user.”



Derek Wills – Vice Principal, The Hull College Group

“Very excited to adopt this new technology within our curriculum to enhance our students learning experience.  The flexibility of the system to support live and archived learning material provides significant benefits to full and part time students wherever they are located.”


Dr. Eysseline – CPMC Sutter Health, UCLA

“We were thrilled that Libre’s encloudHD technology provided us with an affordable and reliable solution that enabled us to watch these procedures on large screens with enough detail to effectively demonstrate how these new techniques were being accomplished. After years of trial and error – finally, a solution that works!”